Within the AgriNext project, partners will develop a new Guidance Service Model which will gather all the training and learning opportunities (formal, non-formal, projects, apprenticeships, etc. on the EQF levels from 3-6, designed for C-VET or I-VET learners) in the field of multifunctional agriculture. This Guidance Service Model will be developed, and pilot tested within first 13 months of the project. The idea is that the model continuously responds to the changing needs of the job market in the field of multifunctional agriculture. Partners will develop training for guidance service providers, that will enable them to use and apply this model with the learner and prepare guidelines for students. The aim of this GSM is to offer solutions for learners in the MA field, according to their needs, abilities, and the needs of the job market.

In work package 2, partners will create “perfect teachers” in “perfect learning environment”.  The aim is to find ways for flexibilisation of the learning process to be able to fully respond to job market demands within the scope of each individual curriculum, and by applying systematic changes, where needed. After creating a learning environment that will enable flexibilisations, partners will need to train teachers to make use of such opportunities.

As soon as the environment is established and enables students and market-oriented learning processes, partners will further motivate students to take advantage of such opportunities – for example, raising the awareness of opportunities in rural areas, especially related to multifunctional agriculture. Partners also need to put the emphasis on raising awareness on the importance of lifelong learning, upskilling, and reskilling, if necessary, to create a resilient society of capable active citizens, that can respond to the needs of our rapidly changing world.

For this reason, partners will closely collaborate with students in the Green job = dream job production activities. In WP3, students will produce video trailers (under the mentorship of their teachers or mentors in companies), for promoting multifunctional agriculture related vocational programs. The most successful videos will be sent to the international multifunctional agriculture skills campus in Spain. The winning video will be presented at the European Skills Week. Our plan is to create an environment – a crossroad, where different users such as teachers, guidance service providers, students and researchers could interact.

This environment will be built as an AgriNext Business Incubator within the WP4 activities. The incubator will be established in Slovenia, Croatia and Spain with the support of the Irish partners who already have experience in this domain. The incubator will offer opportunities as a Learning Lab and Application Center, where partners want to build strong, long-lasting business-VET partnerships.

Partners will create a virtual environment, that will not only connect all the established incubators together, but will also provide access to training materials. Even more, it will be provided as an AgriNext platform where ideas, technologies, resources and products will be shared and where users could find valuable information.