The AgriNext project

AgriNext or Agricultural and rural excellence Incubator and Platform for the Exchange of competencies is an Erasmus+ project that aims to create a learning environment that responds to the skill demand on the job market in the field of multifunctional agriculture.

Multifunctional agriculture involves the integrated provision of agricultural activities (such as crop cultivation, livestock farming, and beekeeping) alongside non-agricultural activities (such as agritourism, social/care farming, farm shops, farm education, and nature and landscape management). This approach aims to enhance income generation while fostering social integration, cultural vibrancy, and environmental sustainability.


The agricultural sector is undergoing changes that need to be adapted and successful adaptation requires cross-sectoral cooperation between key stakeholders.

AgriNext project, will provide an international exchange of skills and competences to achieve rural excellence through innovative pedagogical approaches, lifelong learning, continuous professional learning of teachers/trainers/mentors and business incubator activities. Through the exchange of good practices at the international level, individuals will be able to get good, innovative ideas for personal and professional development.

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