Modern skills development for rural areas

9. 2. 2024

Biotechnical centre Naklo, Slovenia

On Friday, 2 February 2024, the Biotechnical centre Naklo hosted a round table on the topic "Modern Skills Development for Rural Areas".

The project aims to create a learning environment that responds to the demand for skills on the labour market in the field of multifunctional agriculture.

The event was attended by all stakeholders (students, teachers, employers, agricultural advisory services and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture), who worked as a team to examine the proposal for a Flexibilisation Model. A flexible education system is designed to support the diversity of learners' needs and goals at all levels of their educational and professional development. The main aim of such a system is to ensure that education is not rigid and limited, but can be adapted to individual interests, abilities and life situations.

On this occasion, the regional newspaper Gorenjski glas also published an article about the event with the most important highlights of the discussion. The article is available here in English.