The meaning of food self-sufficiency then and now and the importance of farmwork - article published in Slogine novice

21. 11. 2023

This article was published by our partner KGZ Sloga in the Slovenian magazine "Slogine Novice".

Read the article in Slovene language here (p. 40-41). 


Article in EN language:

We are not aware of how important it is to have the highest possible self-sufficient yield of foodstuffs "at home".
Many years ago, each house and farm had its own "garkel" (potager) for its own use, on which the lady of the house produced healthy, homegrown produce to help the family survive.

The government encouraged farmers and gardeners to produce as much homemade food as possible, as this increased food security for Slovenia. They incorporated a series of measures that made it easier for people working on farms to work.

Farming is not just a job; it is a way of life. Let us respect the people who are involved in agriculture. Let us respect them and their efforts to produce only the best locally produced food. At times we are bothered by odours from the fields, but it should not, because organic fertilizer is the basis for healthy, homemade food. Just remember the good-heartedness of farmers, who are always ready to come to the rescue in various hardships. Not long ago – at a time when nature showed us its strength in the August floods and how helpless it can leave us. Thank you.

Imagine what it would be like if we cut off all supplies from abroad due to a natural disaster! No one anticipates it happening tomorrow. We all comfortably rely on the fact that there is enough food in the world. It will come from somewhere. Does anyone ponder how it was grown, who grew it and how many pesticides were used? Only a few, and those who should, unfortunately, do not have the necessary licences. Although food from abroad is cheaper, it will cost us dearly. We will pay in another domain - health.

Whenever Slovenian food happens to be of poor quality (on rare occasion), we are outraged and shout it from the rooftops. Sometimes a certain value of active substances in the plant is exceeded in the tuber but is still safe for consumption. The same plant can have the same amount of a substance in its stem, but within permissible limits, because the criterion is different. The actual case could be quite the opposite, as the criteria for the use of phytopharmaceuticals in other European countries is much higher than in Slovenia. You could say our produce is almost organic and much healthier.

Our country, in collaboration with the profession, should make sure that we give farmers access to new technologies suitable for their area, with which they can produce food for the Slovenian market more easily and in a better way.

In the future, the country's security in resources such as food and water will be crucial. These resources are not unlimited, so we must think about tomorrow -today and stop procrastinating about changing for the better. We can all help make this happen. Instead of envying our neighbour, we should start thinking about what we can both do to make our lives better and more beautiful - both today and tomorrow.

Us Slovenians have the ability to stand together if we want to. The time is approaching when we will have to if we want to create a better, safer future for our children and grandchildren. Everything starts in the family and, as a result, it is passed on to all sides (to relationships at the workplace, activities in the everyday environment, ...).

At ZADRUGA SLOGA, we strive in many ways to facilitate the farmer's business with various activities. We are one of the few cooperatives that makes all types of purchases.

With BC NAKLO as a leading partner, we participate in the European AgriNext project and offer practical training on the job (PTC) to their students to get their first contact with the employment market. The AgriNext project aims to connect all participants of the job market in the field of multifunctional agriculture and to achieve the responsiveness of the education system to these changes. The information and experience we get from high school and higher education students on the one hand, and from employers on the other, ensure the successful execution of the AgriNext project.

THERE'S POWER IN UNITY. Let us stick to this saying and continue to work together despite all the changes that are happening.

We invite you to visit our purchase sites and purchase our fruit and vegetables. We supply you with fruit. We supply you with repro material and everything you need for successful farming and the production of high-quality and healthy food.  

Where there is a will there is a way.

Written by: Marija Mehle, head of purchasing vegetables and fruits