The development of the AgriNext IT platform is in progress

11. 10. 2023

The development of the IT platform is scheduled in WP5, signifying an important milestone in AgriNext project.

The AgriNext IT platform aims to virtually connect Incubators, providing access to all the developed materials from previous project work packages, enhancing communication and data sharing, enabling interactions and network creation, and promoting the multifunctional agricultural sector and life-long learning.

Following the online meeting held in early October, activities related to WP5 have been officially initiated. Here are the key takeaways:

• ARCTUR, the WP5 Leader, introduced the main objectives and outlined the plan.

• Detailed instructions for the first task, "T5.1 Summary/Analysis of existing solutions," were distributed to all partners, leading to the formation of working groups. This initial step sets the stage for subsequent tasks and the development of the AgriNext IT platform.

We encourage you to stay tuned as we make progress with our project.