Online training

Short Introduction to Online Training

The distance learning programme for guidance service providers in the field of multifunctional agriculture is designed in the style of self-paced learning. The participants do not have a fixed timetable and are free to choose the time, pace, method, and scope of their learning. This type of learning is less stressful for participants but requires more discipline and motivation.

For self-paced learning, the AgriNext website provides a short guide, interactive content covering the four modules, interactive tasks in the H5P web tool relevant to each module, a self-assessment test and a link to the course curriculum.

Guidelines for learnersSelf-Paced Learning Guidelines for Learners

Self-assessment: Online assessment form 



MODULE 1: Information and Communication Channels within the Guidance Service Model (GSM) for Multifunctional Agriculture (MA)

The module “Information and Communication Channels within the GSM for MA” will present analyses of four already existing GSMs, examining the systems of the different institutions needed for guiding students, job seekers, and the unemployed.

MODULE 2: Opportunities in Multifunctional Agriculture (MA) for Rural Development

The module “Opportunities in Multifunctional Agriculture (MA) for Rural Development” will explain the pivotal role of multifunctional agriculture in fostering rural development. It will explore diverse job prospects within this domain and highlight available funding opportunities.

MODULE 3: The Process of Consulting

The module “The Process of Consulting” will improve Guidance Service Providers’ (GSPs) knowledge and skills in career counselling and counselling in general and give them basic tools and skills in carrying out steps in the counselling process.

MODULE 4: Motivation of Farmers, Students, and Others in Rural Populations

This module focuses on teaching farmers, students, and others in rural areas about the motivations for MA activities. It provides an opportunity for participants to foster business innovation and entrepreneurship.