Generalitat de Cataluña, Escola Agrària d'Amposta

Nombre del programa educativo
Senior Technician in Landscaping and Rural Environment
Nivel EQF
Resumen breve
Check the health status of plants, make topographical surveys, supervisor in the installation of green areas, supervisor of the collection of agricultural products, their transport and their conservation. Advice and skills in the management and design of urban green areas, garden management. Knowledge of the health of trees and ornamental plants, and ability to improve landscapes
Palabras clave/Temas
Gardening, urban/peri-urban green-areas management, agriculture, plant pathogens, landscape architecture
Professional certificate
Fecha de inicio
September 2022
2000 hours
Conjunto de habilidades clave
Landscape architecture, plant healty, agricultural harvests
Sustainable resource management
Condiciones de entrada
1) High school diploma. 2) Second year of any experimental laureate. 3) Technician’s Degree (Intermediate Vocational Training). 4) Higher Technician, Specialist Technician or equivalent degree for academic purposes. 5) 3rd BUP (Unified Multipurpose Baccalaureate), 6) University Orientation Course (COU). 7) University Degree or equivalent.
Resultados de aprendizaje
A person who has attended this course is able to design gardens with the most advanced technologies and respect the characteristics of the environment, also knows how to restore the gardens and the landscape. To do this it is perfectly capable of using surveying and measuring instruments. He knows the plant material, checking its origin and health status. It follows the design and supervision for the installation and maintenance of green areas and sports fields, for the restoration of the landscape and for the production of plants and agricultural products, organizing the necessary material and human resources, knows how to inventory and evaluate ornamental trees and palms, produce seeds and plants in the nursery, analyzing the factors that guarantee the vitality and quality of products. Must supervise the shipment and transport of agricultural products and nurseries, checking the conditions and documentation that must accompany them.