Galileo Galilei hosted digital transformation course in agri-food training

16. 9. 2023

From 11th to 15th September, the digital transformation course in agri-food training took place at Ies Galileo Galilei, Spain. The organization had the honor to host the event where María Ángeles Rodríguez Peralta, regional general director of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Educational Development and Vocational Training joined with José Francisco Viso Sánchez, Territorial Delegate of Education; Natalia Jiménez Capitán, Head of Design, Offer and Admission Service; Francisca Rodríguez Ponce, Technical Advisor; and Juan José Toledano, reference educational inspector of the center.

 Our partner Ies Galileo Galilei appreciates their visit, as well as their interest and determined commitment to Vocational Training and quality teaching that enables digital transformation and modernization in the agricultural, livestock and food sectors. As a reference center in the professional agricultural and livestock field, and the only center in the region belonging to the National Network of Centers of Excellence for Vocational Training, the Galielo Galieli team is happy to have all the necessary support from the Administration to achieve their goals. Furthermore, the AgriNext project was promoted by our partners Miguel Ángel Fiñana, Paula Ledesma and Juan Fernando Jiménez (principal of the vet training center) as a case of good practice of creating a learning environment that responds to the skill demand in the job market and addresses the need for digital transformation in future agri-food training.