VUKA promoted the AgriNext project at the international scientific and professional meeting Food for health

22. 9. 2023

For fourteenth consecutive years, the city of Osijek has become the epicenter of scientific and professional exchanges on the topic of nutrition and health, thanks to the International Scientific and Professional Conference "With Food to Health“ organized by the Faculty of Food Technology, Osijek, Croatia.

This conference brings together various domestic and foreign experts from different fields, including the academic community and the industrial sector. Among the participants are nutritionists, food technologists, agronomists, pharmacists, doctors and everyone else who shares a passion for food and understanding its impact on health. This multidisciplinary approach contributes to the richness of the exchange of ideas and new knowledge related to nutrition and its effects on human health.

Among the participants, our project partner and professor from the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences in Croatia, PhD Marijana Blažić, actively participated in this year's conference as both an author and a scientific committee member. Over the course of two days, from 14th to 15th of September, she attended various lectures, workshops, presentations of research and posters,  while simultaneously promoting AgriNext project, which is relevant for improving agricultural practices and increasing food quality.

Her involvement in the conference further underlined the importance of collaboration between the academic community, industry, and research initiatives in advancing food systems and promoting health.